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Risk Management and Quality Assurance

Large IT projects and SAP initiatives run better when dedicated project quality assurance and risk management services are used. Enowa’s QA-Experts:

  • support clients' project and program managers,
  • review project progress,
  • enforce project and documentation standards and
  • provide second opinions on solution design or custom development request.

QA teams work independently, report to either the PMO or the Steering Committee and ensure project risks are properly identified, tracked and assist with building mitigation strategies. When engaged as a permanent addition to any project, the Enowa QA team operates based on an agreed project quality management plan. Alternatively, Enowa also offers spot-reviews based on specific concerns or topics.

In this capacity, Enowa assists clients in ensuring that project risks are identified, documented, and tracked – then provides mitigation strategies. The team performs project quality checks at pre-defined points along the project life-cycle and its phases as well as ad hoc checks. Common topics and points addressed include

  • determining if the right skill-set mix and appropriate internal and external staffing is in place,
  • confirming the completeness and quality of project deliverables, such as blueprint documents, testplans/coverage, functional specifications,
  • evaluating the cut-over plan for practicality and completeness and
  • providing an independent, comprehensive review for a full project or pointed aspect as required to support executive leadership inquires.

Ensure your business is alleviating project risk by putting your trust in our established practices. Call us today to discuss your concerns.