d i f f e r e n t


A data warehouse is the backbone of a business; it holds the keys to growth and change. Unfortunately, data is messy and complicated. End users become overwhelmed when information is presented in a manner that confuses rather than informs and your business runs the risk of wasted time and effort in business intelligence.

Enowa’s goal is to find the best way for the end users to get access to the data that they need to make informed business decisions. By working with various types of businesses we know the kinds of dashboards that are relevant to different industries and departments.

Whether your business is interested in SAP BusinessObjects (including Lumira), SAP BW, SAP HANA Live, Business Planning and Consolidation, or FIORI-based reporting solutions, Enowa experts focus on your analytics end goals to construct a strategy that will achieve success.

Reach out to Enowa today to discuss which analytics solutions fits your business needs.